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Number 1
A Mortgage Coach has an intimate knowledge of the lending secrets of the banking industry (Which means they know all the tricks for getting you the best deal possible—including access to the specialist loan products that the public are often unaware of)

Number 2
A Mortgage Coach is able to access specialist mortgage brokers’ networks at all the major banks (Giving them “inside track” access to the personal relationships commonly unavailable to the general public.)

Number 3
As accredited Mortgage Brokers, our coaches are members of the Mortgage Industry Association of Australia (The MIAA is the premier mortgage association in Australia and stringently regulates and monitors the people they accept for membership, meaning your personal details are in safe, trusted hands)

Number 4
As active and practicing professionals, Mortgage Coaches have many years of hands on experience in the finance and banking industry (And because they each write large numbers of loans a year, across varied and unique circumstances, these Mortgage Brokers are able to help ordinary Australians... just like you... secure the best finance options possible.)

Number 5
Approved Mortgage Coaches can access over 300 loans products through 30 different lenders (Which means you’ll get the widest variety of choice and flexibility so you’ll get the most up-to-date, best deal possible for your circumstances!)

Number 6
Professional Mortgage Coaches are trained to source the right loan for just about anyone (Including credit-impaired, self-employed or specific circumstance clients right through to the most credit-worthy of borrowers, and can help you tick all of the boxes with the bank, smoothing the path for your loan.)

Number 7
You’ll find it easy to deal with a Mortgage Coach as there’s one in your area, standing by to save you from the hassle of going into a bank, dealing with parking or navigating the many inconveniences some banks will happily put you through. In fact, your Mortgage Coach will meet you at home, work, (or even at a local coffee shop if you’d prefer!)...on your timetable... at your convenience.


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