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As the great physicist, Sir Isaac Newton said, “What goes up, must come down.” However, when it comes to interest rates, the reverse is also true. Because we all know that Australia’s historically low rates cannot stay that way forever, and must begin to rise in the not too distant future. And even though there are mixed opinions amongst the experts on when the rate rise will occur, most agree that is only a matter of time before this happens. Which means at least one rate rise, if not more, is predicted in 2018.

7 Things to Do Before a Rate Rise

  1. Contact Your Mortgage Broker – Having a conversation with your broker is vital to keeping yourself informed and up to date with what’s currently available in the marketplace. Because new, improved loan products are continually being released and your broker can recommend the best product for your specific situation.
  2. Check Your Position – Once you understand what’s available, you can go to work and check your current financial position. Use our handy online Mortgage Calculator to run different interest rates and repayment levels to see how a rate rise could affect you.
  3. Consider Your Options – Ask yourself, “What would be the best scenario for my circumstances and what do I want to achieve for the future?” By being clear on the various choices available to you, you will make better decisions for the long term.
  4. Refinancing – Are you able to refinance your current loan or perhaps you may wish to fix your interest rate at the current low level for a period of time? Each has their potential benefits, but you must choose the best option for your situation. Ask your broker how.
  5. Budget, Budget, Budget- Create a budget and stick to it. This means being mindful of your money, cutting costs, spending less and living within your means. By doing so you won’t be over extended and financially stressed when rates do go up.
  6. Pay Your Mortgage Down – By paying your loan down faster with extra payments or by depositing lump sums, you can save money now and have your mortgage paid off years sooner. Plus when rates do rise, you’ll already be ahead of the curve with less to pay off in the future.
  7. Pay at the Higher Rate - Try paying off your loan as if you already had the higher interest rate on your loan. This means you’ll be paying off more each month and will be comfortable with the new amount when the rate rise occurs…because it will.

Until next time, stay prepared!

Cheers, Harry

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