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Break The Rent Trap and Buy Your Own Home

Why pay someone else’s mortgage? Are you sick and tired of paying someone else’s mortgage when you could be putting that money into your own property and reaping the rewards? Mortgage Coach is the way forward for hard-working people like you to escape the rent trap and own their own home. Don’t think you may qualify for a loan, think again? Many Australians are renting a property, many because they don’t think they qualify for a bank loan to buy their own home. If this is you, you should speak to us at Mortgage Coach today. We have access to many home loan lenders and can offer products that could secure you a mortgage up to 100% of your purchase price.

Is there other help I can get?

Yes, with the stamp duty exemption or reduction for first time home buyers introduced by some state governments recently, it has meant many people who were not in a position to buy their first home can now do so . Couple that with the $7,000 you can receive in First Home Owners Grant, breaking the rent trap is now a reality, not just a dream for many families.

How do I know if I qualify?

It’s easy! Just give Mortgage Coach a call on 1300 559 229 and a coach will be happy to discuss this with you.

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